Compliance Maintenance has been designed with the goal of shielding onboard systems from multiplying cyber-threats, which can disrupt crew’s day-to-day work and even compromise vessel safety.

For information on how to install and use Compliance Maintenance visit the Knowledge Base.

After initial deployment, Compliance Maintenance will deliver software updates fleetwide with no crew intervention required. This is delivered through FastNet, our core hardware-agnostic platform for data transfer which works with all satellite link airtime providers.

Benefits include:

  • Guideline Compliance – ensures your GTMaritime software is up to date to comply with the IMO cybersecurity guidance.
  • No Crew Intervention – once initial configuration is set up no further intervention is required from the crew on board.
  • Optimised for Maritime – designed for use in volatile and unstable environments and connections.
  • Automated – IT departments can set up automation for software updates and remove the need for time consuming manual updates.