File and data transfer optimised for maritime

Data is critical to modern shipping for both operational purposes and regulatory compliance. Developed specifically for maritime, GTReplicate can integrate with shore side solutions to exchange data fleetwide securely without interruption, ensuring vessels have up to date documents and comply with regulations.

We make transfers happen

GTReplicate has been developed to function within the maritime industry, delivering a data transfer solution which solves the challenges of getting data to and from vessels without affecting other business communication requirements.

Optimised data transfer over satellite

Resumes data transfer from point of interruption if there is a break or switch in communications, transferring any file size regardless of coverage. Files are compressed to make it suitable for all bandwidth types, even if you switch between providers.

Controls transfer throughput

Prioritise updates in line with business requirements. Throttle bandwidth to reduce impact on other business communication requirements and to ensure you do not impact on crew communications.

Reduce your costs

With intelligent transfers you are able to update the relevant part of the document or file (delta updates) sending only the data you need to save bandwidth and money.

Bridges the gap between ship and shore

Whatever file solution you use on shore we can integrate with it and deliver your data to the ship. This includes network shares, SharePoint, GoogleDrive.

Integrates with back office systems for compliance and updates

Can integrate with your 3rd party systems such PMS, IOT, charts, health and safety, training content, software updates, CCTV/ video files to deliver real time updates and ensure your vessel has up to date information and is regulation compliant.

Centralised control, management and audit

A centralised management dashboard allows you the control on shore to assign jobs to a single vessel or client, a specific group of vessels or the full fleet. The dashboard provides the ability to monitor active and pending jobs, receive notifications upon task completion for a complete audit trail and removes the need for a person to monitor the transfers.

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