Update your fleet’s files and data with a cyber secure cloud based tool that reduces effort and errors.

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GTReplicate allows IT managers to configure, monitor and execute simultaneous file transfer tasks from a central location. Utilising its powerful scheduler, tasks can run automatically with no human intervention.

Using GTMaritime’s FastNet data transfer platform to optimize data streams between ship and shore GTReplicate provides a solution to the replication of data between ship and shore, reducing time and administration required by IT, which ultimately can lead to lower costs and greater levels of compliance / assurance.

By using GTReplicate, changes made to masterfiles and documents on shore can be updated or replaced fleetwide, with delta replications ensuring only the amended data is transferred to the vessel.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring our vessels have the most up to date files and documentation, MOL LNG were looking for a solution which would allow us to manage this remote data in a timely, cost effective way.

GTReplicate allows us to securely exchange data across our fleet without interruption, built in features within application provides the user with the ability to modify transfer rates, ensuring large updates do not interfere with the connectivity experience of the crew and can scale to various connectivity scenarios.”

Joel Whatling, Business Systems Supervisor, MOL LNG

Why GTReplicate?

Central control and management

• Manage fleet from shore with no need for crew intervention
• Pre and post transfer processing allows for maximum flexibility
• Comprehensive journaling and reporting

Performance optimised for maritime

• Maximizes throughput across various connectivity platforms, 3G/4G, L-Band & VSAT
• Optimised to only send the minimum required data

No limitations

• Ability to transfer all files types and sizes
• Allows for automated bi-directional transfer
• Simultaneous file transfer tasks from a central


What is FastNet?

FastNet is a multistream platform designed for today's data demands. Using bandwidth management techniques it optimises, secures and then transfers data packets around your business needs. FastNet will form the core of all our GTMaritime products & our customers will have access to this tool for whatever digitalization projects they are considering for their ships. To discuss contact your regional Head of Sales.

Product brochure

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Optimised data replication

GTReplicate minimises the amount of data being transferred by identifying changes in monitored files.

Central control and management from shore

Manage the fleet from shore with no need for crew intervention. Ability to assign single job to multiple vessels and clients.

Synchronise files and folders

Bi-directional replication of files and folder structures with a focus on ensuring the integrity of the data with the source. Changes or whole files can be replicated in relevant locations as directed by configuration.

Transfer & archive / delete
(available Q4 2020)

Robust and flexible file transfer options that allows for a number of configurations to maintain. In situ, move transferred files to an archive or delete files.

Bi-directional transfer

GTReplicate can be configured to transfer data ship>shore and shore>ship through the cloud dashboard.

Cloud based configuration

All configuration for GTReplicate is based in the cloud.

Comprehensive audit and reporting

Reporting includes executions, files included, execution status, started and complete times to allow companies to meet security standards.

Email integration (available Q4 2020)

Can use shore side email as a source or target for replication.

Notifications (available Q4 2020)

Configuration within GTReplicate to send notifications upon task completion.

Import GTRAFT configuration

GTReplicate to allow for all configuration and tasks set up in GTRAFT to be imported into GTReplicate.