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About us

GTMaritime are marine communications specialists offering;

  • Secure solutions

    Providing cyber secure email, data transfer solutions and information management services

  • Proven reliability

    Delivering the highest availability and redundancy of service

  • Maritime focus

    Meeting the evolving demands of the shipping industry for over 20 years.

  • Continuous innovation

    Operating a market leading infrastructure, we continually enhance & add value to our cloud-based software solutions

  • 24/7 support

    Supported live by ITIL trained technical staff 24-hours a day, every day of the year

About us

Solutions and Services

We provide innovative, high performance software solutions that help ensure the uninterrupted business operation of your fleet.

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Fleetwide Management Dashboard

The GTMaritime web dashboard allows for remote configuration and administration of vessels and fleets, making life easier for both crew and shore based IT.

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The independent maritime digitalization transport platform.
FastNet provides an independent, secure, auditable, intelligent data platform, setting a new standard for the maritime industry.

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A secure, reliable, cloud based service - developed specifically for the maritime industry to deliver performance, reliability and intelligent operation.

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Maritime file and data replication.
Using GTMaritime’s FastNet data transfer platform GTReplicate provides a solution to the replication of data between ship and shore, allowing centralised fleet management and delivering greater compliance levels / assurance.

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Maritime software deployment made simple
GTDeploy installs, uninstalls and updates programs in the background requiring no user interaction, using the FastNet Platform for transferring programs with granular bandwidth control, throttling, priorisation and optimisation.

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A comprehensive antivirus solution, designed to protect the vessel whilst minimising the impact on low bandwidth networks.

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A robust, secure and cost effective email solution specifically optimised for smaller vessels such as barges, fishing vessels, offshore supply, coastal and inland cargo and leisure craft.

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Reliable automated file transfer, wherever you are. Configure, monitor and execute simultaneous file transfer tasks from a central location.

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The ultimate communications solution, allowing crew to stay in touch with family and friends easily and cheaply.

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A low cost, high speed internet communication package, with coverage throughout European and Middle Eastern waters.

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Set up multiple groups of email accounts for temporary or permanent use.

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We ensure vessel compliance, security and business operability 365 days a year, as well as keeping crew in touch with friends and family whilst at sea.


Years established


Vessels worldwide


Network uptime for 12 consecutive months


Unknown malware attacks blocked by Advanced Threat Protection last month
1 in every 419 emails

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Knowing we can trust in the high level of support that GTMaritime provide, is a great help to our business.

Jack Jenkins / MOL


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