Without up to date software, your vessels are vulnerable! GTDeploy helps minimise your risk by allowing you to simply deploy software update patches to remote locations.

Designed specifically for the demands of satellite connectivity GTDeploy harnesses the power of our FastNet data transfer platform to optimize data streams between ship and shore.

If just one piece of software isn’t up to date you are at risk. Software updates are vital to your cyber security – they patch security holes, fix and remove bugs and add new features.
Ensuring software security holes are patched is vital for vessel safety – hackers work hard to find vulnerabilities in software and rely on them not being updated. To make sure that potential entry points to your system are secure, patch management needs to form part of your cyber security process. However this is a labour intense, time consuming and costly process.
To help remove the obstacles of patch management GTMaritime have developed GTDeploy, specially designed for the challenging environments in which vessels operate.

Why do I need GTDeploy?

Remote deployment with no user interaction

Following the initial configuration, GTDeploy installs, uninstalls and updates programs in the background requiring no user interaction.
The office can manage GTDeploy via the FastNet dashboard allowing easy deployment across all vessels and computers.

Dependency resolution and large file support

If a program requires additional libraries to work like .NET 4.6 then they will be automatically fetched and installed for you. GTDeploy uses the FastNet Platform for transferring programs with granular bandwidth control, throttling, priorisation and optimisation.

Simple and easy to use

Programs installed with GTDeploy can be updated automatically when a newer version becomes available. Software can be deployed to a vessel via intuitive drag and drop interface.

How it works

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What is FastNet?

FastNet is a multistream platform designed for today's data demands. Using bandwidth management techniques it optimises, secures and then transfers data packets around your business needs. FastNet will form the core of all our GTMaritime products & our customers will have access to this tool for whatever digitalization projects they are considering for their ships. To discuss contact your regional Head of Sales.

Product brochure

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end to end encryption of all software updates.


IT departments can set up automation for software updates and remove the need for time consuming manual updates and crew interaction.


ability to prioritise software updates and requirements based on airtime connections and business needs.

Simple and easy to use

utilises the FastNet dashboard to allow IT departments to simply and remotely update software.

Utilises FastNet platform

ensures all software updates added to GTDeploy are safe and efficient.


able to choose when updates take place based on vessel location and airtime connectivity.

Optimised for maritime

designed for use in volatile and unstable environments and connections.

Airtime and software independent

works with the satellite and software solutions already in use.

No additional hardware

software only solution engineered to work across your current hardware.