IMO Compliance

The IMO mandates that you should protect your assets from cyber risks.

To meet IMO resolution msc.428(98), your safety management system should have appropriate controls that will Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover from cyber incidents.

Our Cyber solution assists in developing the basis for your organization’s cybersecurity actions moving forward. Determining what exists, what risks are associated with those environments, and how it relates to your business goals is crucial to success.


As part of our service within GTMailPlus we provide a free Phishing Penetration Test. The test allows customers to evaluate the ability of their personnel to identify phishing attacks, to encourage vigilance regardless of the software solutions and identify any requirements for further training. Following the penetration tests customers are supplied with educational materials for both staff and IT personnel.


GTMailPlus includes cyber security features Advanced Threat Protection, Antivirus scanning, Continuity  and Anti-phishing as well as providing reports on the threats detected. The enhanced features are delivered as standard ensuring vessels are provided with protection from an ever growing and changing range of cyber threats.  Our Advanced Threat Protection adds an additional layer of protection providing advanced malware detection, utilising its Global threat intelligence network whilst Antivirus guards against all known virus signatures through multi-layered detection engines. Anti-Phishing  affords comprehensive protection against the latest type of email social engineering attacks.

We understand the critical importance of keeping your business running. With the Continuity feature within GTMailPlus, hosted within GTMaritime’s cloud infrastructure, you can access your emails even if your system is unexpectedly offline, allowing you to operate your business on or off the vessel.

It is vital on land and at sea that all software critical updates and security patches are delivered to the relevant end point. GTDeploy helps minimise your risk by allowing you to simply deploy software update patches to remote locations in a cost effective and timely manner. Designed specifically for the demands of satellite connectivity GTDeploy harnesses the power of our data transfer platform to optimize data streams between ship and shore.

In addition to protecting communications, GTMaritime also provide end point protection. GTSentinel is a comprehensive antivirus solution, optimised for the maritime market and designed to protect the vessel whilst minimising the impact on communication networks.

Where bandwidth allows you can also take advantage of our full end point detection & response (EDR) solution to meet the ever-changing security challenges of business whilst providing the support and service to meet the security challenges unique to maritime. This Cyber solution uses next generation antivirus and has different packages to suit budgets and requirements.


GTMailPlus’ enhanced security features are in place to help you detect and stop threats including features such as Quarantine, Archiving and Continuity to ensure vessels are protected and can respond to any threats. Data has become critical to all businesses. Archiving, our integrated cloud-based email archiving platform, allows fast, safe and secure access and retrieval of all emails to reduce business risks and ensures legal compliance. Accessible from anywhere Continuity allows authorised users to send and retrieve your email, during any interruption in the shipboard email capability.

The Cyber solution provides a Security Operations Centre (SOC) service as required by customers. This is backed by Crowdstrike’s threat hunters, monitoring the service 24/7 responding to threats and stoping breaches.

In the event of a dection onboard, Crowdstrike provides the ability to isolate endpoints to prevent further spread of infection.


Hackers are constantly trying to come up with new ways to outwit software-based protections and companies must be prepared if one of the threats is able to breach their defences. To ensure business can continue if a threat is successful, GTMaritime products include features such as Archiving, Backup & Restore and Continuity. We also have our GTDeploy solution which ensure software patches can be updated.

The proactive service provided by the SOC service within the Cyber solution works directly with customers to support in recovering if a cyber security incident was to occur.