GTMailPlus is a stable and secure maritime email service, providing a suite of applications to deliver an end to end secure solution - optimised for maritime.

GTMailPlus is a cutting-edge maritime email service designed for use in demanding remote environments – delivering a suite of applications which have been fully optimised for maritime satellite communications.

Airtime independent, GTMaritime have also engineered GTMailPlus so that it is operating system independent running on both Linux and Windows, providing more solutions for our customers.

GTMailPlus is delivered as a secure, stable, cloud-based maritime email service and includes a web dashboard for the remote configuration and administration of vessels, making life easier for both crew and shore based IT Teams.

Why do I need GTMailplus?

GTMailplus provides a stable and secure maritime email service designed for use in demanding remote environments that is airtime and operating system independent.

GTMartime understand the critical importance of email to the commercial shipping industry, GTMailPlus includes a suite of applications including ATP, Antivirus, Continuity and more, all of which have been developed specifically for the maritime industry to deliver performance, reliability and intelligent processing.


How it works

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Key Fact

In the last 6 months GTMaritime have:

  • Stopped over 59,500 malware attacks that were unknown to standard antivirus services.
  • Blocked over 200,000 spam messages.
  • Stopped over 68,000+ known viruses using multiple different antivirus solutions.
  • GTMaritime offer a free phishing penetration test for GTMailPlus customers

Product brochure

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Operating system independent

Able to run on both Linux and Windows.

Airtime independent

Available to work with any airtime supplier.

Restart from point of interruption

Resumes data transfer from point of interruption if there is a break in communications.

Flexible and Agile

Tailor to fulfil your specific needs and works with any front-end client such as Outlook. Also includes built in webmail.

Web Dashboard

Fleetwide remote management and configuration from a single dashboard. Includes pro-active alerts and automated reports.

One Click pre-configured install

Allows for simple, fast and remote setup, no need to send an engineer.

Vessel tracking

Allows you to track the location of your vessels.

Financial control

Per vessel pricing with unlimited mailboxes to provide financial predictability.

No Additional hardware

Software only solution engineered to work across your current hardware.

Selectable Mailflow Option

Includes mailbox preview to allow important messages to be prioritised.