Why do 7,480 vessels use GTMartime? Maritime data transfer!

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We are experts in maritime data transfer

With over 20 years of expertise, we understand maritime data transfer. Our reliable services and unrivalled 24/7, 365 support help simplify the complexity of remote connectivity, keeping you secure and travelling in the right direction. When you buy a GTMaritime service, you are benefiting from an integrated relationship for the long-term.


Our vessel solutions drive efficiency

We are more than just mail. Our fully optimised fleet solutions, including maritime data transfer and email are thoroughly tested to give you highest availability and redundancy of service. Our services and global technical support ensure that we make life easier for both crew and shore-based IT. Adding value to ensure you are regulation-ready and running at optimal operation performance.

GTMaritime’s security solutions are delivered airtime, hardware and software independent, allowing them to work within the current vessel IT infrastructure.

They are able to integrate with shoreside solutions such as Office365. In contrast to apps that pester for attention and disrupt workflow, the service works quietly in the background so the only thing end-users will notice is a reduction in unwanted and potentially harmful messages.


We help reduce digital operational risk

Our specialised maritime technical expertise enables us to create certainty, with quality security and integrated data services easy-to-use platforms and remote deployment continue to reduce your attack surface and maintain optimum confidentiality by default. We offer the upmost integrity and bandwidth control.

All mail traffic passing through GTMaritime’s gateways is deep-scanned for potentially harmful content or payloads before it is transmitted and allowed onboard. The Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) engine at the heart of the system utilises the latest algorithms and AI techniques to achieve a 100% detection rate for malware, and forms part of an end to end secure solution including Anti-Phishing, Antivirus and Spam Management.


Our solutions stay one step ahead for future reliability

We understand the growing demands of staying connected at sea and are looking ahead to the challenges to come.As a partner driven by innovation, we continuously evolve our support and services. Our high-performance software provides future reliability to ensure that you remain secure and operational wherever the future might take you.


“Our customers work with non-standard network environments, tying together equipment and systems from multiple vendors, using multiple satellite connections in remote locations. Our challenge is to understand those requirements and devise solutions that ensure data transmission is efficient, reliable, and above all secure.”

Jamie Jones. Head of Operations.