GTMailPlus.Anti-Phishing gives you comprehensive protection against the latest type of email social engineering attacks. Created to help protect your business from becoming another phishing statistic.

Why do I need Anti-Phishing?
Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal data, including login credentials and bank details. It happens when an attacker, masquerading as a trusted entity, tricks a victim into opening an email. The recipient is then tricked into opening a malicious link or responding with sensitive information, which can lead to the installation of malware, the freezing of the system or the revealing of sensitive information. An attack can lead to devastating results.For individuals, this includes unauthorized purchases, the stealing of funds, or identify theft.

GTMailPlus.Anti-Phishing solution protects and prevents against this, potentially saving you millions and is included as standard with our maritime email.

GTMaritime provide a free phishing penetration test for all GTMailPlus customers. To find out more check out our case study or email

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End user protection

Tags potentially suspicious emails.

Complete control

Administrative ability to release quarantined content or block future instances of quarantined mail.

Keyword analysis

Uses a targeted threat database to identify suspicious terms.

Observes newly created domains

Protects against newly created domains used to attack.

Spoofing protection

Detects spoofing attempts containing display name and reply to mismatch.