Increase or decrease spam filter levels based on your requirements.

GTMaritime have always been committed to ensuring your vessels are protected from spam. With GTMailPlus all emails pass through multiple layers of security.

GTMailPlus.Spam Management, included as standard with our maritime email, allows customers to view what messages are being quarantined and change their filter levels to suit their needs.

Why do I need Spam Management?
At installation all messages using GTMailPlus maritime email pass through GTMaritime’s default settings to automatically protect from spam. Through the GTMaritime dashboard customers are able to view what messages have been quarantined and release them if appropriate. Customers can then increase or decrease their settings based on their requirements.
This ensures that vessels are protected from spam whilst allowing business emails to reach their destination.

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Self Service

Have the ability to access blocked message and view/release as required.

Ability to configure rules

Ability to set your own spam score and white listing to suite your organisational requirements.

Reduce administration time

No need to contact GTMaritime in order to release blocked messages.