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GTMaritime’s fault tolerant server solution

GTMaritime’s server system builds in a replicated instance of all components. In the event of a component malfunction, the partner component acts as an active spare that continues normal operation it detects and handles faults before they cause downtime. Because this is not a fail and recover process the GTUptime server offers 99.999% availability.

Conventional systems use a standby server that only replicates data between the two systems and requires intervention to bring the standby server into an active state. This means downtime and potential ship visits in order to return the system back to an operational state. Utilising Thin Clients with the GTUptime server builds a robust and reliable network with no more uncontrolled PC environments causing costly malfunctions and operational downtimes.
Centralised application and data storage simplifies management and security risks are reduced. Thin Clients are more cost effective, power efficient and reliable then traditional PC’s. This is all backed up by our PROACTIVE AVAILABILITY MANAGEMENT system where the server will report back to the GTMaritime’s SOS (GTMaritime’s Support Operational Services) for fault reporting, analysis and spares ordering 24-7/365.

The GTUptime server solution takes the risk out of allowing crew members to use the IT system. In the past crew members would take on board memory sticks and external storage items such as disks that would then transfer viruses to the ship. With the GTUptime server solution this isn’t possible meaning
risks are vastly reduced. Simply power up the server and load your applications to benefit from our continuous processing technology. When business or mission critical applications demand continuous uptime there is no reason why you should settle for less and with our GTUptime server you don’t have to.

Using the most reliable technology within one of the most reliable servers in the world our innovative solution eliminates the operational complexity and high costs inherent in approaches such as clusters. Making the industries ultimate level of uptime protection more practical and affordable then ever.

Key Fact

GTUptime delivers 99.999% availability 24 / 7, every day of the year

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Operational Simplicity

Bid farewell to the complications of cluster deployment and on-going maintenance. By integrating continuous processing capabilities into every system we ship, we eliminate failover scripting, repeated test procedures, and cluster-aware. The server provides zero failover time and critical protection for data in memory as well as on disk, big advantages you don’t get from clusters. As a result, your IT staff are free for other projects that are priority for your business’ success.

Failsafe Technology

Our failsafe software works in concert with lockstep technology to prevent many software errors from escalating into outages. Unlike typical servers or clusters, GTUptime hardware and software handles such errors transparently, shielding the operating system, middleware, and application software. Even in-memory data is constantly protected and maintained.

Lockstep Technology

This technology uses replicated fault – tolerant hardware components that process the same instructions at the same time. In the event of a component malfunction, the redundant component provides an active spare that continues normal operation and averts system downtime. The GTUptime server eliminates transient hardware errors that could cause software failures if left unchecked. While other servers may offer duplicate power supplies, fans and disk drives only, the GTUptime server provides fully redundant core system components including motherboards, processors, memory, I/O buses, and I/O adapters.

Financial Advantage

Competitively priced the GTUptime server cuts the cost of on-going support expenses and unplanned downtime resulting in 99.999% yearly uptime. Unrelenting pressure on performance and budgets means that businesses are placing greater reliance on IT. But IT budgets and resources are also caught in the squeeze. As if these pressures aren’t enough, rapid implementation becomes a requirement. Strategic purchases save money, increase revenue, improve effectiveness and enhance customer satisfaction.