Set up multiple groups of email accounts for temporary or permanent use.

GTPersonalAccounts provides the ability to set up multiple groups of email accounts for temporary or permanent use for vessel operations as well as crew, passengers or visitors to your vessels or business.

Optimised for use in demanding environments through our secure and stable email platform, GTPersonalAccounts allows you to set up private email accounts, configurable to be active for a set time period.

The accounts are also GDPR compliant as the messages are not archived and the content is not viewable via the fleetwide management dashboard.


Why do I need GTPersonalAccounts?

With GTPersonalAccounts secure email accounts can be provided for specific time periods, tailored to suit the requirement of the user. Once the time period has expired the account, and all content, is deleted to comply with data protection legislation.

Key Facts

  • GTPersonalAccounts are the ideal solution to be able to provide temporary email accounts to crew, visitors or passengers.
  • Utilises the same cyber secure core email solution used for vessel operations.
  • Requires GTMailPlus to be installed to support GTPersonalAccounts.

Product brochure

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Encrypted and secure

Operates using our fully optimised for maritime email platform, with Advanced Threat Protection


Ability to set the active period to suit your requirements.

Complies with data protection regulations

Personal email content is not archived or visible on the fleetwide management dashboard.

Airtime and operating system independent

Able to operate within your existing systems.

Restart from point of interruption

Resumes data transfer from point of interruption if there is a break in communications.