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Vessels utilise GTMaritime Technology


Owners across all vessel types


Messages a day are processed


Cyber threats prevented by our 24/7 team, per month

Reliable fleetwide connectivity

Through extensive maritime experience, GTMaritime deliver email, data transfer, cyber solutions and software deployment optimised for your vessel along with 24 / 7 support to ensure you are always connected.

Our solutions provide seamless integration with shore based solutions including Microsoft 365 and SharePoint which can be managed via our single fleetwide management dashboard. All are provided with no commitments, flexible monthly billing and free trials.

What our clients say

Having a secure and proven reliable maritime data communications toolset is essential to the successful adoption of our cloud based Fleet Operations Solution.



See how GTMaritime delivered reliable and secure data communications for Wallem

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Thanks to the support of GTMaritime and Zener, the migration from our existing provider to GTMaritime was a seamless process, with no disruption to the domain or operations and impact on crew kept to a minimum.

IT Manager


See how GTMaritime provided a seamless fleet-wide migration to GTMailPlus for ITM

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We would to thank ITM for having provided Zener and GTMaritime the opportunity to carry out this job. We would like to thank  GTMaritime Sales and Support team to make this transition seamless both in terms of commercials as well as in implementation.


Zener Onenet

See how GTMaritime supported Zener in delivering fleetwide communications to their customer

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