GTSentinel is a comprehensive antivirus solution, optimised for the maritime market and designed to protect the vessel whilst minimising the impact on communication networks. GTSentinel utilises the industry leading, well respected endpoint antivirus solution from ESET.

Standard antivirus protection software is often not suitable for the maritime industry and will often fail to provide adequate protection, leaving vessels and businesses at risk.

GTSentinel, GTMaritime’s maritime optimised antivirus solution has been developed specifically to overcome the failure points within the maritime sector.
Vessels are able to choose from receiving live, daily or weekly updates to allow them to manage their update requirements.

In being able to choose their update preferences, vessels are able to manage their costs and use of airtime whilst keeping their systems up to date.

GTSentinel provides a unique serverless distribution. Known as the “Buddy System” this allows for peer to peer distribution of updates amongst devices meaning that the update only needs to be sent to the vessel once to allow for all devices to be protected.

GTSentinel allows for remote management meaning that all vessels can be managed from shore, putting the IT manager back in control.

GTSentinel, when coupled with the stable and secure end to end solution delivered by GTMailPlus, ensures your vessels have the highest level of protection against spam, viruses and malware.

Why GTSentinel?
Without up to date antivirus software onboard, vessels’ systems are vulnerable. GTSentinel protects against viruses from multiple sources making sure your devices and systems are secure.

GTMaritime has partnered with ESET to deliver GTSentinel. ESET continually develop award winning, leading edge protection and use multi-layered technologies that go far beyond the capabilities of basic antivirus. ESET protect over 100 million users worldwide.

GTSentinel.Live and GTSentinel.Standard versions available. If GTSentinel.Live is not suitable for your vessel’s operating system, option to use GTSentinel.Standard.

How it works

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Key Facts

  • GTSentinel stops over 500 endpoint attacks every month.
  • “Buddy System” allows for peer to peer distribution of updates amongst connected devices.
  • Ability to remotely monitor the update status of all workstations.

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Live, daily or weekly automatic updates

Option to choose update frequency based on requirements. Live updates allows for zero day protection, receiving the updates as soon as they are released. Robust mechanism for updates to be delivered in challenging conditions.

Remote fleet management

Ability to manage all vessels from shore and access the log retrieval.

World class protection

Provides protection against viruses and malware as well as improving detection of known network vulnerabilities.

Simple install

Automated download, installation and distribution to all networked devices.

Unique serverless distribution

Peer to peer distribution of updates amongst connected devices.

Machine Learning

GTSentinel allows administrators to utilise an aggressive machine learning mode for a deep inspection of the network, even without internet connection

Advanced memory scanner

Monitors the behaviour of a malicious process and scans it once it decloaks in memory to successfully discover and stop malicious attacks.

Network attack protection

Improves detection of known vulnerabilities on the network level, another important layer of protection against the spread of malware, network-conducted attacks and exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Exploit blocker

Monitors typically exploitable applications such as browsers, email clients and more and focuses on exploitation techniques to block threats immediately on the machine.

Botnet protection

Detects malicious communications used by botnets and identifies the offending processes. Any detected malicious communication is blocked and reported to the user.

DNA detections

While malicious code can be easily modified by attackers the behaviour of objects cannot be changed so easily and DNA detections are designed to take advantage of this principle.

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) scanner

Checks and enforces the security of the preboot environment to monitor the integrity of firmware.

Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)

Monitors system activity uses a predefined set of rules to recognise suspicious system behaviour.

Auto scan

Automatically scans all new devices, such as USB sticks, when inserted into protected machines.

Threat reporting

Ability to receive a digest of threats found by GTSentinel.

Official support and alerts for server editions

File servers work differently to traditional endpoint operating systems and require software tailored to the job.

Remote automated log retrieval

No longer have to liaise with the vessel for log retrieval reducing support time.