GTMaritime Download Issue 3

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Issue 3
October 2020
The GTMaritime Download
Welcome to the third GTMaritime Download, our regular newsletter keeping you up to speed with latest developments at GTMaritime.

A recurring theme in this edition is the broader shift to remote working triggered by the pandemic. Shore-based staff are now logging into corporate networks in much the same way as their colleagues at sea. However, challenges arise because there are subtle differences in the tools they use; but don’t worry, GTMaritime has the answers. We also introduce two short videos and, as always, offer an abundance of practical advice and technical resources to help you – and your colleagues – stay cyber-secure. Enjoy reading.

Your animated quick-start guide to FastNet

We’ve created a brief animation that visually explains the capabilities of FastNet, our independent maritime digitialization data transport platform designed for handling the multiplying data demands of today’s maritime industry. It illustrates how the platform works, key functions for optimising ship/shore data flows in a secure manner and other benefits available to your company. WATCH NOW

GTReplicate clears ship-shore data transfer bottleneck

We’ve launched a new cloud-based tool to automate a key part of the data transfer process between ship and shore, relieving seafarers and shore teams of a growing manual file replication burden. Built on FastNet, GTReplicate is a cyber-secure solution that automates synchronisation of files and data relating to vessel operation with next to no intervention. READ MORE

Friction-free integration of remote working on land and at sea

As shore-based staff work from home due to Covid-19, shipping companies are discovering that the systems used for remote working on land and at sea are not wholly interchangeable. However, despite their differences, a few simple steps can help terrestrial and maritime IT systems to collaborate effectively. READ MORE

Stay cyber-aware with our weekly Cybersecurity Scuttlebutt Series

Knowledge is power. This maxim is especially true for cybersecurity, where almost every day online criminals are coming up with new ways to catch you unaware. In partnership with Be Cyber Aware at Sea, we have launched Cybersecurity Scuttlebutt, a weekly email education series for crew and shore personnel alike revealing the latest ruses and practical tips to help you stay one step ahead and avoid falling victim. SIGN UP HERE

Take advantage of our cybersecurity expertise hub

Have you stopped by the GT Maritime website recently? We have added a selection of resources including guidance on meeting IMO’s 2021 requirements for securing shipboard systems, an extensive [and regularly updated] glossary of cybersecurity jargon that explains pretty much every term you’re likely to encounter in plain English, as well as providing answers to commonly asked questions. VISIT NOW

Tacking a course through Big Data

Our Head of Sales for Asia Pacific, Keng Teen Phang, addresses some of the key questions facing vessel owners taking their first steps towards digitalisation in this write-up. Aside from shedding light on the technical aspects of implementation, he stresses that setting clear goals is of paramount importance from the outset. READ NOW

Preventing staff from being caught in the phisher’s net

Phishing is one of the most pervasive cyber threats out there and one we’ve likely all experienced first-hand. Readers of this newsletter probably know the tell-tale signs better than most, but can you say the same for the seafarers on your ships or staff in your shore offices? GTMaritime has put together this short animation that provides five simple tips that will prepare them for the inevitable. WATCH NOW

Digital Ship webinar zooms into cloud challenges

Join us for a webinar at 10am GMT on 10 November delving into the nuts-and-bolts of connecting to cloud-based software services at sea. Held in association with Digital Ship magazine, this interactive event will explore reasons behind the unstoppable rise of cloud services, as well as cyber-security challenges,  the difficulties of using systems not optimised for maritime and the practical solutions to address them. REGISTER HERE
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