GTSeaMail has been specifically developed for use on smaller vessels who only require one or two email addresses but still need their system to be secure and stable.

Using our 20+ years of experience providing an email service to large commercial merchant fleets, GTMaritime has developed a robust, simple and cost-effective email solution specifically optimised for smaller vessels such as barges, fishing vessels, offshore supply, coastal and inland cargo and leisure craft.

GTSeaMail delivers a cost effective, stable and intuitive email platform ensuring smaller vessels are able to easily and securely communicate with the shore via any web enabled device (laptop, tablet or smartphone).

Why GTSeaMail?
GTSeaMail allows for simple email management, both onboard and remotely, backed up the by the service delivered by GTMaritime.

Language packs are also available allowing the product to be tailored to local markets.

How it works

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Key Facts

Ideal for smaller vessels including;

  • Fishing vessels
  • Barges
  • Inland cargo
  • Offshore energy
  • Leisure craft

Product brochure

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Enhanced security

Includes Advanced Threat Protection as standard, providing additional protection against malware.

Shoreside management

Shoreside dashboard allows rule and email management to help control costs and restrict unnecessary emails getting through.

Designed for use over satellite

Deals with high latency circuits and multiple connection management. Compatible with VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, GSM, WIFI.

Simple email management

provides up to two email addresses per vessel with simple management, via any web enabled device, including read, forward, reply, attachments and filing.

Maximum efficiency over expensive circuits

Files compressed up to 95% thereby directly saving on airtime costs.

Encrypted and secure

Our systems have multiple virus scanners and spam filters to ensure the mail received is safe and relevant to you, ensuring that your data is safe and that you comply with data protection legislation.

Simple Install

GTSeaMail does not require a lengthy and complicated set up process. This allows you to begin accessing your emails straight away saving you time and resource.

Restart from point of interruption

Resumes data transfer from point of interruption if there is a break in communications. Also ability to work offline and only connect for the time needed to send and receive data.

Alerts & reporting

Set up alerts and reports to help manage your vessel including delivery, email and communication reports.

Fleetwide management control

Remote management and configuration of vessels from a single shoreside dashboard.

Mail flow filtering

Ability to whitelist or blacklist email addresses and management of mail flow to vessels.