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GTRAFT is a best in class data synchronisation application that allows IT managers to configure, monitor and execute simultaneous file transfer tasks from a central location.

Utilising its powerful scheduler, tasks can run automatically with no human intervention.

At its core GTRAFT provides a solution to transfer data between the ship and shore reducing time and administration required by IT which ultimately can lead to lower costs.

  • Central control and management from shoreManage the fleet from shore with no need for crew intervention. Ability to assign single job to multiple vessels.
  • PerformanceBuilt-in resilience to volatile and unstable satellite communication networks; high data compression.
  • Comprehensive reporting and journalingRemotely monitor job status from shore.
  • Automation & bi-directional transferConfigure once and the system can report tasks, transferring files from ship to shore and shore to ship.
  • Flexible & scalableSimple and easy to adapt to your business requirements.
  • Email system agnostic Email system agnostic Email system agnosticWorks with any email system.
  • No limitations on size or file formatTransfer anything from documents, reports, e-forms, applications and automation scripts with no restrictions on file size.

How it works

GTRAFT allows for the automation of a range of tasks including data file transfer, remote folder synchronisation and system monitoring & setting. All tasks can be controlled centrally, removing the need for input from the crew.

Centralised control and management from shore of a range of tasks including:

  • Remote folder synchronisation
  • Bi-directional data file transfer
  • System monitoring and reporting

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