Reliable automated file transfer wherever you are.

GTRAFT is a best in class data synchronisation application that allows IT managers to configure, monitor and execute simultaneous file transfer tasks from a central location.

Utilising its powerful scheduler, tasks can run automatically with no human intervention.

At its core GTRAFT provides a solution to transfer data between the ship and shore reducing time and administration required by IT which ultimately can lead to lower costs.

GTRAFT allows for the automation of a range of tasks including data file transfer, remote folder synchronisation and system monitoring & setting. All tasks can be controlled centrally, removing the need for input from the crew.

How it works

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Key Fact

Centralised control and management from shore of a range of tasks including;

  • Remote folder synchronisation
  • Bi-directional data file transfer
  • System monitoring and reporting

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Central control and management from shore

Manage the fleet from shore with no need for crew intervention. Ability to assign single job to multiple vessels.

Flexible & scalable

Simple and easy to adapt to your business requirements.


Built-in resilience to volatile and unstable satellite communication networks; high data compression.

Email system agnostic

Works with any email system.

Comprehensive reporting and journaling

Remotely monitor job status from shore.

No limitations on size or file format

Transfer anything from documents, reports, e-forms, applications and automation scripts with no restrictions on file size.

Automation & bi-directional transfer

Configure once and the system can report tasks, transferring files from ship to shore and shore to ship.

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GTRAFT not only allows us to manage & monitor a wide range of tasks, it also allows us to implement new ones, giving us full control without any crew intervention..

Athanassios Vappas, I.T Superintendent / TMS Group