GTMailPlus.Transfer is supplied as standard with GTMailPlus maritime email, allowing vessels to handle email attachments in an automated process.

Via set up on the vessel, GTMailPlus.Transfer will automatically retrieve files and forward to the chosen destination. It will also allow vessels to autosave any attachments from incoming emails which match the defined criteria.

Why do I need Transfer?
Transfer, provided as standard with our maritime email, allows crew on board to automate the process for sending files which are regularly supplied to shore though simple rule set up, saving administration time and crew resource while assuring compliance with established procedures.

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No limit on the number files and attachments which can be automatically attached or received and saved.

Simple & easy set up

Single set up for each task, allocating sent from and recipient email addresses, and pre-populating the subject line and the body copy along with options to determine where files are to be saved once sent.

Bi-directional transfer

Ability to receive files from shore that meet the specified criteria and save in defined folders along with sending attachments to shore from defined folders.

Choose to receive email

Set up rules to determine if emails, which match the auto save criteria, are to be saved only or also delivered to the users inbox.

Auto-check for attachments

Transfer will automatically check any configured folders for relevant files every 10 minutes.