GTMailPlus.Locator allows for the current and historic position of vessels to be viewed.

Using the GPS position of the ship when GTMailPlus maritime email connects to the hub, you can view the position of vessels on the GTMaritime dashboard.

Visible at both fleet and vessel level, GTMailPlus.Locator allows for the position of the vessels to be viewed at any point over the previous 31 day period.


Why do I need GTMailPlus.Locator?

GTMailPlus.Locator, provided as standard with our maritime email, allows for the current position and the route of the vessel to viewed via the GTMaritime dashboard and allows for the data to be exported to a structured report.

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Self Service

Ability to view the position of the vessel or fleet via the GTMaritime dashboard at any time.

Ability to configure

View the location of vessel on specific date / time period within the past 31 days.


Export a report to view all the GPS positions within a set time period. Data is also accessible via an API