GTMailPlus.eNOAD is GTMaritime’s software solution for the submission of electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure (NOA/D) forms to the United States Coast Guard National Vessel Movement Centre (USCG NVMC).

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GTMailPlus.eNOAD is GTMaritime’s software solution for the submission of electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure (NOA/D) forms to the United States Coast Guard National Vessel Movement Centre (USCG NVMC).

Fully approved and compliant with the arrival and departure notification requirements of the USCG and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), GTMailPlus.eNOAD ensures submissions can be made in a simple, timely manner and with minimal data transmission costs.

Why use GTMailPlus.eNOAD?

The eNOAD feature is provided as standard to all GTMailPlus maritime email users to help improve efficiency in submitting schema notices to the United States Coast Guard, making life easier for both crew and shore-based IT.

Don’t get caught out by US Coast Guard system issues

Over the last 2 years there have been a number of occasions when direct submission of NOADs to the USCG have failed due to email or web site failures. Take the stress out of submissions by using GTMailPlus.eNOAD.

During a failure on the USCG services GTMailPlus.eNOAD services continue to operate and, in all cases to date, have been able to successfully make submissions.

In the event of a situation where a submission could not be made to USCG, resubmission is a few simple clicks.

  • Decreasing administration timeIntuitive form layout with information requirements separated into specific categories. Form filters are provided to simplify form selection by drop-down lists. Data is validated when the document is saved.
  • Previous form re-usePreviously submitted forms can be used as a template. Partially completed forms can be saved as a draft, removing the need to complete the form in one session.
  • User-friendly dashboardFollowing the completion of an eNOAD form, it is then sent to the NVMC. This form will be listed in the GTMaritime dashboard and marked as ‘Submitted’. Once transferred to the NVMC, further status updates are displayed on the eNOADPlus dashboard advising of the forms progress.
  • Minimise transmission time and costThe GTMailPlus.eNOAD software is optimised meaning only the data within the form is submitted, without the form itself, saving time and cost.
  • No need to be onlineWhilst many commercially available offerings can only be edited online, GTMailPlus.eNOAD can be completed offline and only requires an internet connection when ready to submit.
  • Fully secureStored form data is encrypted and only viewable in the GTMailPlus.eNOAD application.

A seamless fleet-wide migration to GTMailPlus for ITM

Delivering reliable and secure data communications for Wallem


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