To ensure that you always have access to your emails, even if your systems are offline, GTMaritime have added Continuity as standard to GTMailPlus.

Accessible from anywhere, by authorised users, you will be able to send and retrieve your emails during any interruption in the shipboard email capability, allowing your business to continue uninterrupted.

Continuity is a webmail-based service hosted within GTMaritime’s cloud infrastructure, with the length of storage based on your Archiving settings and is provided as standard with our maritime email.

Why do I need Continuity?
In today’s digital world access to email is critical to keeping your business running. With Continuity provided by GTMailPlus you can access your emails even if your system is unexpectedly offline, allowing you to operate your ship’s business on or off the vessel to recover emails and continue business as usual.

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Cost effective

No additional hardware or software required.

Automatic backup

No need to have additional email backup as Continuity ensures you will always have access.

Accessible from anywhere by authorised users

Ability to log on from anywhere and across a range of devices including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Simple to manage

No additional administration so no additional overheads or time required.

Disaster recovery and continuous business operability

Allows you to continue with business as usual with access to live and historic email even if your services has unplanned downtime.

Automatic mailbox synchronization

Lowers confusion without straining IT.

Easy acces

Ability to access emails easily though the Continuity webmail service with your existing logon.