The IMO states ‘ Cyber risk management means the process of identifying, analysing, assessing and communicating a cyber-related risk and accepting, avoiding, transferring or mitigating it to an acceptable level, considering costs and benefits of actions taken to stakeholders

The overall goal is to support safe and secure shipping, which is operationally resilient to cyber risks.’

Cyber security is a key focus for all our products which is why we ensure all data transferred within our maritime communication and data solutions is sent with end to end encryption. We also have cyber security features included as standard at no extra cost.

Our suite of maritime communication and data solutions includes our fully secure email solutions GTMailPlus and GTSeaMail, GTSentinel for endpoint protection and providing a free Phishing Pen Testing.


We also have a new range of products which operate on our FastNet platform. These include GTDeploy, a patch management solution and GTReplicate to allow you to configure, monitor and execute simultaneous file transfer tasks from a central location.


For more information on all our solutions, their security features and how they can help protect your vessels click here or speak to your regional Head of Sales.

As part of their maritime cyber risk management guidelines which come into force in January 2021, the IMO identify 5 key areas of cyber risk management; Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond & Recover.

For full details check our how we can help with compliance in our full article. 

GTMaritime’s suite of products assist in ensuring maritime cyber risk management compliance with these regulations including;


As part of our service to GTMailPlus customers we provide a free Phishing Penetration Test. The test allows customers to evaluate the ability of their personnel to identify phishing attacks, to encourage vigilance regardless of the software solutions and identify any requirements for further training.


GTMailPlus and GTSeaMail include cyber security features as Advanced Threat Protection, Antivirus Scanning and Anti-phishing as well as providing reports on the threats detected. GTMailPlus.Continuity allows for continuing business if there is a break in connectivity.

GTSentinel provides end point protection.

GTDeploy allows for patch management to be implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner to protect vessels.


GTMailplus includes features including quarantine, archiving and continuity to ensure vessels are protected and you can respond to any threats.


Hackers are constantly trying to come up with new ruses to outwit software-based protections and companies must be prepared if one of the threats is able to breach their defences. To ensure business can continue if a threat is successful GTMaritime products include features such as Archiving, Backup and Restore and Continuity. We also have our new GTDeploy solution which ensure software patches can be updated easily and in a timely manner.

For more information on how GTMaritime can help you meet the new regulations click here or speak to your regional head of sales 


We provide Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) as standard in GTMailPlus and GTSeaMail. This provides an additional layer of protection utilising the global threat intelligence network. The ATP solution works using behaviour-based technology utilising its elastic sandbox environment to visualise and report on exactly what the malware interacts with compared to the typical signature-based detection which relies upon previously known exploits.

Our ATP feature has stopped over tens of thousands of malware attacks that were unknown to standard antivirus solutions, this means that 1 in every 397 emails contains unknown malware.

Click here to find out how we can ensure you are protected from unknown malware attacks.



Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal data, including login credentials and bank details. It happens when an attacker, masquerading as a trusted entity, tricks a victim into opening an email. The recipient is then tricked into opening a malicious link or responding with sensitive information, which can lead to the installation of malware, the freezing of the system or the revealing of sensitive information. An attack can lead to devastating results.

GTMailPlus contains anti-phishing functionality to help protect your vessels and delivers comprehensive protection against the latest type of email social engineering attacks. However, hackers are constantly trying to come up with new ways to outwit software so crew cannot afford to become complacent.

Free Phishing Penetration Test

To help ensure staff know what to do if they spot a potential phishing attempt, we provide a free phishing penetration test to all GTMailPlus customers. The test allows customers to send emails to their vessels to test the vigilance of their crew in spotting phishing attempts. To find out more and take up the offer of a free penetration test and to read our case study click here.


Software management should form a key part of your safety management system to ensure vessel software security however this can be a time consuming and costly process. To help remove the obstacles of patch management GTMaritime have developed GTDeploy, specially designed for the challenging environments in which vessels operate. GTDeploy allows for IT departments to set up remote deployment of software patches so that they run automatically in the background, removing the need for time consuming manual updates and crew interaction.

It utilises our secure FastNet platform for transferring programs with granular bandwidth control, throttling, prioritisation and optimisation and is simple and easy to use across your whole fleet.

Click here for more information and to find out why you need GTDeploy as part of your safety management process.


In today’s digital world access to email is critical to keeping your business running, this is especially true with maritime email communications. With Continuity provided by GTMailPlus you can access your emails even if your onboard mailserver is inaccessible, allowing you to operate your ship’s business on or off the vessel to recover emails and continue business as usual. Accessible from anywhere, by authorised users, you will be able to send and retrieve your emails during any interruption in the shipboard email capability, allowing your business to continue uninterrupted.

Continuity is a webmail-based service hosted within GTMaritime’s cloud infrastructure, with the length of storage based on your Archiving settings. For more information click here.

Ship operators are embracing the advantages of digitalisation and data transfer between vessels, the office and 3rd parties is increasing, though this increases the need for improved cyber security measures.  With the implementation of the IMO cyber security guidelines in January 2021 cyber-risk must be incorporated into your vessels’ Safety Management System.

To meet the demands of the modern maritime market we have developed FastNet, a multistream platform designed for today’s data demands. Using bandwidth management techniques, it optimises, secures and then transfers data packets around your business needs.

FastNet will form the core of all our GTMaritime products & our customers will have access to this tool for whatever digitalization projects they are considering for their ships.

By using FastNet you are able to reduce the number of ‘connections’ to your vessels, whilst still being able to access data. The first two products available on the FastNet platform are GTDeploy and GTReplicate, for more information click here or contact your regional head of sales.