GTMailPlus Developments

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GTMailPlus Developments

George Zervos, head of sales, discusses GTMaritime’s new product GTMailPlus developments.

The interview was conducted by Saftey4Sea during the Posidonia event 2018 in Greece.

Do you have any new developments/ or any new projects on the pipeline and/or plans that you would like to share with the rest of the industry?

In a bid to identify and counter the emergent Cyber Threat in our industry, GTMaritime have recently taken steps to enhance our commercial email solution GTMailPlus, by embedding Archiving, Advanced Threat Protection and Anti-Phishing features in the core functionality.

By taking proactive steps to address Cybersecurity concerns and stay abreast of the threat landscape moving forward, we believe we have delivered a more rounded and robust solution to protect customer operations and remain at the cutting egde of maritime technology.

With data increases on everyone’s agenda, we have been working on a new core platform which will allow holistic data management.

2 core focusses as a business:

  • Fastnet – evolution in managing data
  • Continuity – from S4S doc.

Investment in product management – robust portfolio of products. Continuous stream of enhanced products. We take a steer the market and the partners. Open to feedback from our global partners. We spend so much time in our customers offices, listening to our customers and working with them to understand their pain points and engineering solutions to help solve them.

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