Key smart shipping challenges within the next few years

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George Zervos, Head of Sales, discusses what he thinks will be the key smart shipping challenges within the next few years. The interview was conducted by Saftey4Sea during the Posidonia event 2018 in Greece.

What will be thekey smart shipping challenges within the next years from your perspective? How they will affect the industry and how are you preparing to face them?

Greater regulation in the industry – BIMCO, European regulations, IET and what they suggest in the segregation of networks etc.

Smart shipping is about being in control of emissions and efficiencies. Being in control of the metrics and variables on the vessel tools

We see one of the needs and challenges is that customers need to find a way of closing the gap between vessel and shore

Smart shipping means a dramatic increase in data. It’s about how and what data you move and how you control this. It’s about steady, manageable steps towards adopting big data practices before we get to a fully Autonomous ship. Using these small steps we can efficiently move forward to tackle the larger challenge.

Holistic data management – All the sensors are competing for airtime, it’s our job to make sure the right data is at the right place in the right time – how do we manage them. Prioritisation.

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