GTSentinel 8 Now Available. Cyber Security

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Using our specialised maritime technical expertise we ensure that our products provide our customers with the highest level of cyber security protection available.To keep up to date with the cyber threats that the maritime industry are facing we have released GTSentinel 8, the latest version of our comprehensive maritime antivirus Cyber Security product. 
Utilising industry leading solution Eset and powered by GTMaritime, GTSentinel 8 includes features and enhancements to help keep your vessel’s devices and network secure.
Running antivirus software on an old unsecure system is like wearing a life jacket in a school of sharks
Why use GTSentinel 8?

Deployment Size we have updated the method in which GTSentinel is available for distribution, reducing the size of the files to make deployment easier. 

Compatible with Windows 10  GTSentinel 8 is compatible with the semi-annual Windows 10 update that is due in March 2021.

Machine Learning GTSentinel allows administrators to utilise an aggressive machine learning mode for a deep inspection of the network, even without internet connection.

Advanced Memory Scanner monitors the behaviour of a malicious process and scans it once it decloaks in memory to successfully discover and stop malicious attacks.

Network Attack Protection improves detection of known vulnerabilities on the network level, another important layer of protection against the spread of malware, network-conducted attacks and exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Exploit Blocker monitors typically exploitable applications such as browsers, email clients and more and focuses on exploitation techniques to block threats immediately on the machine.

Botnet Protection detects malicious communications used by botnets and identifies the offending processes. Any detected malicious communication is blocked and reported to the user.

DNA Detections while malicious code can be easily modified by attackers the behaviour of objects cannot be changed so easily and DNA detections are designed to take advantage of this principle.

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Scanner checks and enforces the security of the preboot environment to monitor the integrity of firmware.

Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)monitors system activity uses a predefined set of rules to recognise suspicious system behaviour.