GTMaritime’s investment leads to 8 consecutive months of uninterrupted service

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Over the past 12 months GTMaritime have been investing in their infrastructure and processes to provide continuous service to customers. This investment has allowed GTMaritime to deliver 8 consecutive months of uninterrupted service, with no outages and all maintenance being completed without any downtime. Just 100% uptime.

GTMaritime currently deliver communication solutions to over 4,700+ vessels and over the past 12 months have seen a 78% increase in traffic volumes with approximately 8 million connections and 1.5 TB of data transfer per month.

As a result of the investment and implementation of a highly available and completely scalable infrastructure, GTMaritime have been able to manage these connections and deliver a service which for 8 consecutive months has had no downtime

In addition to the infrastructure GTMaritime have also been investing in new processes within their team to provide an unrivalled support service to all vessels 24 /7 365.

The customer operations team have resolved 99.9% of all incidents raised within 72 hours, with 99.6% of all Priority 1 incidents being resolved within 8 hours.

These investments will allow GTMaritime to continue to deliver most maintenance updates without downtime, though this unfortunately won’t be possible every time. Where updates will require downtime customers will be provided with advanced notice with maintenance planned to cause the minimum disruption to customers.