18th July 2018


GTMaritime; Who we are

George Zervos, Head of Sales for GTMaritime, answers who are GTMaritime and what services they provide.

What products/ services do you provide?

GTMaritime was founded in 1998, by our CEO Robert Kenworthy. Rob’s history is with the Merchant Navy and as such he understands the limitations of communications at Sea.

Over the years, we have taken that knowledge and understanding and evolved as innovation leaders in the maritime market; taking a consultative approach to delivering operational solutions for our customers.

GTMaritime’s product suite is focussed around key factors including, flexibility, reliability and scalability. We want to offer an agile approach to IT in maritime and work with our partners to develop tools to manage and monitor data transfer to and from vessels.

The orientation towards autonomy and efficiency is ever increasing, therefore GTMaritime invest heavily in our research and development and product management cycles to deliver continuous improvement alongside innovative products.

The interview was conducted by Saftey4Sea during the Posidionia event 2018 in Greece.