GTMaritime score a hat trick!

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It’s a Hat Trick!

I was watching a football game the other day and perhaps saw the perfect goal. It was scored by the whole team because all the players had a part to play in the goal. They each had a touch of the ball across the whole field and at the end the striker put the ball in the net. Of course the striker was credited with the goal but I could see that it was the whole team that contributed and each players effort lead to the final objective being achieved.

Similarly at GTMaritime, we work as a team. There are players in the development department that put the product together and then further enhance it as it is used by our customers. They are unable to put an invoice together and send it out or pick up the phone to one of our customers and manage the account. Nor can the sales account manager or the accounts people develop software. Each of our players have a part to play and collectively we all make a great team.

Such a team – what a team… We have recently scored a hat trick when you look at our performance figures.

100% uptime for our servers over the last 8 months. This is almost impossible to achieve and yet we have achieved it consistently for the last 8 months. Previous to that we reached figures such as 99.98% and 99.71% but for the last 8 months we have kept our system fully operational for 100% of the time.

A magnificent achievement!

The goal we have scored with this achievement is one of “Reliability”. A box ticked for our customers. We know that the Captain is not an IT expert, he has a ship to run and much more important issues could be happening onboard that he needs to attend to rather than struggling to get his e-mails ashore. With GTMaritime, when the Captain presses the send key, the mail goes ashore, every time.

The second goal in our hat trick is that of increased “Efficiency”. Emanating from our reliability, we have been able to increase the ability for our ships to use our services more. In the same 8 months that we were 100% reliable, we also had 45 million connections, so not only are we wholly reliable we are also super-efficient, in that ships are able to get connected to our systems every time.

In addition, because of this efficiency, we were able to process 8.25 million messages per month, which generated over 1.2 TB of data.

Our third goal in our hat trick is that of being super “Secure”. In March this year we introduced a new ATP Advanced Threat Protection for all mail passing through our systems. It is ground breaking software that apart from detecting known malware it also detects new unknown malware, because it extracts suspect mail and tests it in a sandbox environment.

So, this is not spam detection, we already have new spam detection software that gives our customers control. Spam at worst can waste airtime but overall is just a nuisance. We are talking about malware or e-mails that contain links to known infected sites. This is stuff that can seriously damage a vessels network and operating systems and we are now stopping thousands of instances of it, thus saving thousands of ships from possible digital disaster.

In September 2018 we blocked 3,206 e-mails containing malware or links to malware and then in October 2018 we blocked 2,849.

These malicious messages have one intent, to cause real harm to the ships systems such as a Ransomware package or a Trojan package that will pop up on a certain command at a later given time.

This “hat trick” could not have been achieved without such an excellent team called GTMaritime, all playing together as one, each playing their own part in bringing these amazing statistics together.

I believe that these statistics prove GTMaritime is now the only serious satellite data  communications company working tirelessly for the maritime market.

Reliable, Efficient, Secure

If you’re going to play this game, you’ve got to play it well…..