Free Phishing Penetration Test

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Can cyber criminals exploit weaknesses in your business?

GTMaritime are offering a FREE Phishing Penetration Test to customers to gauge how vigilant staff are towards phishing attacks.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, cyber criminals employ sophisticated tactics to exploit vulnerabilities in human behavior. Spoof emails, a common weapon in their arsenal, are designed to deceive recipients into divulging sensitive information, extorting money, or unwittingly triggering the installation of malware. Recognizing the gravity of this threat, GTMaritime has elevated the capabilities of its Anti-Phishing feature within GTMailPlus. This enhancement involves the implementation of deep content inspection for all emails, creating a robust first line of defense against phishing attacks.

While technological safeguards are indispensable, the human element remains a crucial factor in cyber-security. Therefore, educating staff on recognizing and appropriately responding to potential phishing attacks is imperative. GTMaritime underscores the importance of this human-centric approach by emphasizing that despite the enhanced Anti-Phishing feature, staff awareness and preparedness are vital components of a comprehensive cyber-security strategy.

To empower customers in assessing the vigilance of their staff, GTMaritime extends an invitation to partake in a complimentary Phishing Penetration Test. This proactive measure involves the simulated dispatch of an email requesting information to staff, mimicking a real phishing attempt. Upon completion, a detailed report is furnished, delineating whether any staff members inadvertently complied with the simulated phishing request. This hands-on assessment serves as an invaluable tool for organizations to gauge the effectiveness of their staff training and to identify areas for improvement in their overall cyber-security posture.

In a cyber landscape where human error can be the Achilles’ heel, GTMaritime’s multifaceted approach, blending advanced technological defenses with ongoing staff education and evaluation, positions their clients for heightened resilience against the ever-present threat of phishing attacks.

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