GTMaritime provide a free solution to allow you ensure all your GTMaritime software is up to date

Compliance Maintenance has been designed with the goal of shielding onboard systems from multiplying cyber-threats, which can disrupt crew’s day-to-day work and even compromise vessel safety.

For information on how to install and use Compliance Maintenance visit the Knowledge Base.

After initial deployment, Compliance Maintenance will deliver software updates fleetwide with no crew intervention required. This is delivered through FastNet, our core hardware-agnostic platform for data transfer which works with all satellite link airtime providers.

Benefits include:

You can set up bespoke alerts

Alerts are useful to proactively manage your GTMaritime installation both onshore or locally onboard. Be notified by email or SATC when a specific event occur with this included functionality. To find out more about setting the alert function visit the Knowledge Base.

Alerts can be set to

Monitor data consumption to prevent unwanted bill shocks

Be notified when the system stops connecting

When used with our GTSentinel Endpoint protection, be notified in the event of a threat being detected

It can even notify if high priority messages are waiting to be received

To find out more about all the features and benefits of GTMailPlus click here.

You can set up bespoke security rules within GTMailPlus

We understand no two businesses are alike, neither is your security requirement.

You are protected as standard but GTMailPlus puts you in control should you wish to set your own policies whether that be for Anti Threat Protection, Spam Management or Anti-Phishing.

All controlled via the fleet dashboard.

Set the levels of threat to be segmented to be quarantined, or delivered to the ship with a warning.


Advanced Threat Protection

An additional layer of protection provided advanced malware detection utilising its global threat intelligence network

Spam Management

Allows customers to view what messages are being quarantined and change their filter levels to suit their needs.


Anti-Phishing gives you comprehensive protection against the latest type of email social engineering attacks.

To find out more about all the features and benefits of GTMailPlus click here.

You can unify email addressing across your fleet with our Global Address Book feature

Using the GTMaritime dashboard you can upload your corporate address book in the form of a CSV file, which is distributed across the fleet and synced directly to Outlook.

Don’t have a copy of your corporate address book in CSV? Not to worry we have a purpose built export utility that will export from your active directory.

To find out more about using the Global Address Book feature visit our Knowledge Base.


Why use the GTMailPlus global address book?

Ensure your crew are communicating to the correct recipients

Reduce administration

Ensure consistency for your address books across your fleet

It comes at no extra costs

To find out more about all the features and benefits of GTMailPlus click here.

You can still access emails if there is a breakdown onboard

GTMailPlus.Continuity is available as an onshore webmail client to ensure continuity of communications in the event of a system failure onboard.

All you need is a web browser and internet connection and you can continue your operations from anywhere.


This feature is included with all GTMailPlus installations.

You can find details on how to enable the Continuity function in our Knowledge Base.


The GTMailPlus.Continuty Function

Continue with business as usual with access to live and historic email.

Continue with business as usual with access to live and historic email.

VR, AR, AI in shipping

Ability to log on from anywhere and across a range of devices including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

You can access reports offline

Tired of flicking though the dashboard to find the information you require?

Do you want to share with onboard users who do not have dashboard access?

Did you know the data can be download or sent to you by email on a regular basis in the form of a spreadsheet?

To set up to recieve the reports you require, when you require them visit our Knowledge Base.


Types of report

Many report types can be retrieved such as