Spam Management

Ensure that vessels are protected whilst allowing business emails to reach their destination

GTMaritime have always been committed to ensuring your vessels are protected from spam. With GTMailPlus all emails pass through multiple layers of security.

With the Spam Management feature within GTMailPlus you are able to increase or decrease filter levels based on your requirements.

Why do I need Spam Management?

GTMaritime have been at the forefront of protecting email for the maritime industry for 20 years, with a constant process of evolving our solutions to keep pace with changing customer needs and an ever increasing threat.

This latest update to the GTMailPlus solution puts the power of that protection in the hands of our customers, balancing levels of protection with individual business needs and risk factors.

By default all customers will inherit GTMaritime’s standard settings which provide a balanced level of protection which can then be altered with rules and whitelists to meet your own requirements.

Additionally this self service functionality allows customers to view any messages that have been blocked and take appropriate action.