Keeping crew updated on news and sports that matters to them

GTNews4Crew is a simple, customisable, cost effective news solution, providing your crew with access to ‘always on’ news.

Good variety, delivered efficiently – allows for the ability to send thousands of news articles to vessels every day, without using large volumes of data. By compressing and supplying the articles to the vessel, crew are then able to read the articles locally with no additional data consumption.

Content and Delivery Options – for a customisable solution which can be managed at vessel or fleet level, allowing for news feeds to be tailored to suit the language and locality of the crew. The solution also allows for the news feed to be customised to adjust the link frequency, country, category and size; providing the option to to send articles to the vessel with either all images included or limited to one image or for greatest economy text only.

An easy to use and simple addition to your crew welfare solution.

Key Facts

Free for GTMail4Crew customers

  • A basic version of GTNews4Crew is available as standard to all GTMail4Crew customers. To install please download from the GTMaritime dashboard and contact:

Product brochure

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Easy to deploy

installs seamlessly on vessels.

Shipboard news server

allows crew to access whatever news content they want without incurring additional data charges.


adjust links, frequency, country, category and even size via a simple to use dashboard.

Tailored to crew

choose the articles delivered to each vessel by crew nationality. Unlimited languages for all your crew members.

Ability to use crew devices

view articles on the vessel’s internal network by crew using their own devices.