A cost effective solution allowing your crew to stay in contact with home

GTMail4Crew is the ultimate communications solution, allowing crew to stay in touch with family and friends easily and cheaply.

A simple, once only registration provides a personal email address that can be used on any ship configured with GTMail4Crew. In addition a web portal gives users access to the service from any internet-equipped PC whilst on leave.

For the ship operator GTMail4Crew is compatible with all satellite systems and requires no additional administration on board or ashore.


Key Facts

With GTMail4Crew you can:

  • Send & receive emails.
  • Send & receive SMS text.

Product brochure

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No additional administration

GTMail4Crew can be used without staff on board or ashore having to provide support.

Simple registration

A simple, one off registration process for crew.

Low cost access for crew

Crew members purchase pre-paid cards allowing them to send small emails from as little as $0.30.

Private & easy to use

GTMail4Crew provides staff with a single email address which they can also take with them if they leave the vessel.

Airtime Independent

GTMail4Crew is compatible with all satellite systems.

Crew Retention

Allows ship operators to provide crew with a simple solution to stay in touch, helping reduce crew turnover.