Fleetwide Management Dashboard

Allows for remote configuration and administration of vessels.

The GTMaritime web dashboard allows for remote configuration and administration of vessels and fleets via a single dashboard, making life easier for both crew and shore based IT teams.  A cloud based solution, the dashboard can be access by any web enabled device.

The dashboard and client software can be white-labelled to fit seamlessly into existing product lines*

*Additional costs may apply


Key Fact

Provides centralised controls and metrics, accessible from any web enabled device:

  • Organise your fleet by individual ship or in custom groups
  • Create one step – silent installs for on-board software deployment
  • Monitor and manage cyber threats

Product brochure

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Fleet and vessel administration via a single dashboard

Ability to add view and change vessels, groups and users at anytime. Also includes an easy search function for all vessels.

Status review across all vessels

View the current status of the service from any screen.

Remote configuration

Access all products to remotely configure as required.


View metrics on data usage, connections and domains.

What's New function

What’s New function providing you with access to all current changes and fixes as well as a historical list.

Software download

Ability to download all products and manuals.

Set up rules and reports

Allows for rules, alerts and reports to be set up at both a vessel and group level.