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30th August 2018 Press Release 0

This year we are celebrating 20 years of delivering essential maritime communications with excellence. Since 1998 GTMaritime has been providing a range of technology solutions to…

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What is your key message to your existing and prospective clients?

21st August 2018 Uncategorised 0

George Zervos, Head of Sales, provides a message to GTMaritime’s existing and prospective clients regarding the vision for the future. The interview was conducted by…

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What are the key things to have in mind when providing communication solutions for vessels?

14th August 2018 Uncategorised 0

When providing communication solutions for vessels there are certain key things that you need to consider. Watch the video below where George Zervos provides feedback…

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Is shipping safe and secure with regards to cyber risks?

7th August 2018 Uncategorised 0

In the age of connected ships is shipping safe and secure with regards to cyber risks?  George Zervos, Head of Sales, answers this important question…

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Key smart shipping challenges within the next few years

31st July 2018 Uncategorised 0

George Zervos, Head of Sales, discusses what he thinks will be the key smart shipping challenges within the next few years. The interview was conducted…

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Product Developments

24th July 2018 Uncategorised 0

George Zervos, head of sales, discusses GTMaritime’s new product developments. The interview was conducted by Saftey4Sea during the Posidonia event 2018 in Greece. Do you…

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GTMaritime; Who we are

18th July 2018 Uncategorised 0

George Zervos, Head of Sales for GTMaritime, answers who are GTMaritime and what services they provide. What products/ services do you provide? GTMaritime was founded…

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GTMaritime continue to combat modern cybercrime techniques

2nd May 2018 Press Release 0

Before the advent of email, information was no more secure than it is today.  However, it was harder to intercept, process and meaningfully group the…

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GDPR & GTMaritime – what are we doing about it?

23rd February 2018 Uncategorised 0

GTMaritime are hosting a webinar on Wednesday 28th February to talk about the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and GTMaritime’s approach to GDPR compliance, including its impact on the…

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GTMaritime Partners with Lastline to Protect Shipboard Email Systems from Malware, Protecting Ships and Cargo, and Keeping Crews Connected

13th February 2018 Press Release 0

Industry-leading malware detection secures navigation, communication, and other critical onboard systems from advanced malware. GTMaritime, the leading provider of specialised technologies to ensure vessel compliance,…

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