With GTMailPlus you are able to share the same domain which is being used by your office, without using a sub-domain, bringing your vessels and the office closer together. By unifying your office and vessels under a single domain you are able to route all messages via your office server and provide your IT teams with visibility of emails in a single location.

In using GTMailPlus you are able to use 3rd party services such as Office365, Gmail or Mimecast whilst still having the benefits of a light weight maritime optimised email solution.

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Benefits of Custom Domains:

  • Compliance – fit in with existing organisation email compliance requirements
  • Extend office environment – closely align office and ship communications
  • Maritime optimised email – ability to use office domain without using a bandwidth heavy email product
  • Ability to use 3rd party solutions – ability to use own corporate solution, such as Office365, Mimecast, GMail and others, whilst adding GTMailPlus to optimise, secure and deliver the email to the vessel